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Guys helped us get a green tick in a week for our new Philippine WhatsApp Business API number based on our media mentions in Forbes and Yahoo News. Open website —>

Nick Bell
Nick Bell Marketer at Refocus

Afecto team created a great integration WhatsApp Business API for our CRM platform. Great for startups and SMB's. Just give it a try and increase your sales. Open website —>

Mike Toko
Mike Toko Co-founder of Kommo

We have successfully completed the pilot project with Afecto in the end of 2021 and achieved 85% Open Rate, 37% Response Rate and 269% ROMI in the first month. Open website —>

Jenia Loginova
Jenia Loginova CMO of CulinaryOn
We've worked as an official Meta
ISV on WhatsApp Business API
Launch marketing campaigns
without the risk of being banned
Send any messages to customers
without template moderation
Automate your WhatsApp bots
with call-to-action buttons

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